Getting you started


Welcome speech by Yousif Kruse, Executive Director – SME Segment, NBAD

09:15 am

Setting the scene – Rushika Bhatia, Editor, SME Advisor

09:30 am - “Digital transformation and the pursuit of falling”

09:45 am

NBAD – "How to use digital transformation to efficiently manage your working capital" (Q&A)

10:00 am

IBM – “Design – the hidden driver of digital transformation” (Q&A)

10:20 am

Panel session: BECO Capital – “Transforming an industry”

11:00 am

Business transformation case study: Abu Dhabi Financial Group

11:15 am


We are on our way…

11:45 am

Round-up and recap

11:55 am

EY – “Digital transformation: using the right tools to enhance customer experience”

12:10 pm

SAP – “Innovation with digital platform ecosystems: making money from your data”

12:30 pm

Siemens -“The importance of data” (Q&A)

12:45 pm

Kaspersky Lab – “We are all targets” (Q&A)

01:00 pm

Business transformation case study: Al Sharqi Shipping

01:15 pm

Panel session: MH Advocates – “Technology vs. Tradition: disrupting old business models”

01:45 pm


Let’s wrap it up

2:45 pm

Round-up and recap

2:55 pm

Avaya – “Getting to the crux of it”

3:10 pm

Aon Hewitt – “People-first: why talent is the foundation of digital transformation” (Q&A)

3:30 pm

Symantec – “Cybersecurity: getting prepared NOW”

3:45 pm

Zemyd – “The learning curve: technology in training”