Simplifying the concept meant to simplify your business

Let's start a real conversation
on March 22, 2017 at the
H Hotel, Dubai.

Real digital transformation is the powerful combination of new technologies and the right mind set.

It’s not about the new cloud service you opted for. It’s not about your latest ERP software. It’s also not about your state-of-the-art supply chain technology. Digital transformation is a concept that is bigger than the sum of its parts. It is the ability to reinvent your mind set to stay relevant in a digital environment. It’s not just a conversation for companies operating in the technology sector. It’s for every company looking to compete – and win – in today’s digital landscape.

Join us as we gather experts from all across the region to demystify the concept of digital transformation and share meaningful strategies for practical implementation.

This day can influence your
success for the rest of the year.

It’s fast, furious and informative!

Our fast-paced, dynamic format inspired by the PechaKucha presentation style, ensures every speaker has less than 10 minutes to make an impact. Then there is ample time for active Q&A session to discuss the topics that matter most to you.

So there’s a continual stream of hard data throughout the day and a powerful dialogue where quality of content is king.


Getting you started


Welcome speech by Yousif Kruse, Executive Director – SME Segment, NBAD

09:15 am

Setting the scene – Rushika Bhatia, Editor, SME Advisor

09:30 am - “Digital transformation and the pursuit of falling”

09:45 am

NBAD – "How to use digital transformation to efficiently manage your working capital" (Q&A)

10:00 am

IBM – “Design – the hidden driver of digital transformation” (Q&A)

10:20 am

Panel session: BECO Capital – “Transforming an industry”

11:00 am

Business transformation case study: Abu Dhabi Financial Group

11:15 am


We are on our way…

11:45 am

Round-up and recap

11:55 am

EY – “Digital transformation: using the right tools to enhance customer experience”

12:10 pm

SAP – “Innovation with digital platform ecosystems: making money from your data”

12:30 pm

Siemens -“The importance of data” (Q&A)

12:45 pm

Kaspersky Lab – “We are all targets” (Q&A)

01:00 pm

Business transformation case study: Al Sharqi Shipping

01:15 pm

Panel session: MH Advocates – “Technology vs. Tradition: disrupting old business models”

01:45 pm


Let’s wrap it up

2:45 pm

Round-up and recap

2:55 pm

Avaya – “Getting to the crux of it”

3:10 pm

Aon Hewitt – “People-first: why talent is the foundation of digital transformation” (Q&A)

3:30 pm

Symantec – “Cybersecurity: getting prepared NOW”

3:45 pm

Zemyd – “The learning curve: technology in training”

Why attend?

The need to make products faster, better, cheaper and stronger is forcing companies to re-evaluate their business models – leading to a strategic shift towards digital technologies. But, do these new, digitally-driven companies actually understand the realities of data, security and talent? Are they using the right tools to transform their organisation to become more productive entities? More importantly, do they look at transformation as the mere migration to a new platform?

Our event programme has been carefully curated to provide answers to these questions – in three impactful sessions –

- Session One: Are you ready for digital transformation?
Get an overview of digital transformation as a concept. Learn about international, regional and local trends.

- Session Two: Getting personal – transformation stories
Assess real-life case studies, business models and experiences.

- Session Three: Ticking the right boxes – data, talent and security
Gain an understanding of all the tools you need to succeed in a competitive, digital era.


Amin Hasbini

Senior Security Researcher
Kaspersky Lab

Juan Jose De La Torre

Digital Transformation Leader

Mustafa Kheriba

Chief Operating Officer
Abu Dhabi Financial Group

Amir Farha

Co-Founder and CIO
BECO Capital

Hussam Sidani

Regional Manager
Gulf, Symantec

Helen Rankin


Yann Mrazek

Managing Partner
M/Advocates of Law

Raheel Iqbal

Managing Partner

Benjamin Schroeder

Senior VP and Head of Communications

Atif Rafiq

Al Sharqi Shipping

Talal Bayaa


Usama Nouri

Senior Strategic Consultant

Maurice Baldé

Managing Partner
Clavis Aurea Group

Andreas Skopal

Digital Financial Services Leader, EY

Rami Salman

CEO & Founder

Pedro S. Pereira

Digital Transformation and Innovation Lead

Ramana Kumar

MD & Head of GTB Business and Product Management

Sushant Upadhyay

Partner - Middle East and Africa
Aon Hewitt

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